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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Groombridge Place part two

Morning all, This is the final part of the car show  but feeling a bit under the weather. It was Martins 73 Birthday yesterday and Stan and me took him out for a meal. Too much to eat and a late night don't go together.

There were a few Rollers and Bentleys and they looked really nice, it is a pity that they were all close up so a front only picture was called for.

The lap of luxury 


 Now I am told that these people go to show with these and sit and listen to them all day as they just keep going, just shows how good they are.

Little steam train
All day is was sunshine and showers here is why

These next two remind me of pictures of the Alps

And to finish the Spitfire display

The Spitfire came from Biggin Hill and as usual a very good flying display.

That's it for now, thanks for looking


  1. Hi Trev, sorry to be late on parade, came home and by the time Daisy was tucked in just after 7pm I haven't had time.
    1st Spitfire under grey sky better than the blue, that's strange.Good effort though although these events are a nightmare to shoot.

  2. The blue one is a little out of focus, it was doing about 400 mph

  3. Super pictures Trev .. at least you got some good shots in between the showers.. Love the clouds... no power stations here... always a bonus!
    Hugs to Jimbo
    E xx

    1. Jimbo is all hot and bothered this morning as I made him fly round the room. Last seen with his wings open panting.

  4. Great shots the spitfire !
    Chris Richards


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