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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Mote Park

Yesterday was the first time I managed to get out and decided to go the Mote Park not too far away.

It was a nice warm afternoon and quite a few cars in the car park. they have put in some seated bays on the foot path with is nice for me to put my gear on.

Park and lake

Flock of Seagulls

Seagull busy doing nothing

Male Mallard


Mallards trying to take off

That is it for now folks more to come later

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Stargazing Live at Mote Park

Morning All

 Last night was the clubs second event in the BBC2 Stargazing Live program series. This has as you have guessed took place at Maidstone's Mote Park. We (Mid-Kent Astronomical Society) lead the way with Maidstone Council putting on this event. They provided the hall, car park and food (for us) so that we didn't go hungry.

The event started at 1600 and went on until 2100 (a wee bit longer than that getting people to leave. The provisional figure for entrance is 2700 but could go up to 3000, entrance to all BBC2 events is free.

I was with the telescope party and took these pictures after the setting up, luckily that was in day light.

Waiting for a look

All taken in the car park but really doesn't show just how crowded it was. At one time there was over 1000 people waiting to look at the Moon or Jupiter, the only really interesting objects to see from the car park.

Out next event is next Saturday at Canterbury on the 18 January but there are events all around the country.

Thanks for looking.


Monday, 2 December 2013


I was looking out the window tonight and wow what a site.

I just had to share

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Evening sky

I have not been around much of late because of the awful weather we have had and being busy doing other things.

Today Sunday there was a nice clear sky with a halfmoon.

Setting up my camera took a bit of time as it fell off of the tripod last time I used it.


A little fuzzy on the edge but not too bad for an 800mm lens


Backing off the focus 

A lot better

Thanks for looking

Saturday, 19 October 2013

The Crossness engin

Last Sunday Martin and I went to the Crossness pumping station to see its working engin.

Crossness was built as part of the London Main Drainage scheme and was opened in April 1865 and worked until closed in the 1950's.

Restoration on one engine is competed and open to the public (working) twice a year. It is now operated by steam.
You can go to their website and see when it is open from / too (not working)

 It is worth a visit and they have a very reasonable cafe that does cold lunches as well as tea and coffee.

I can't tell you too much in a blog but will include some detail, Please keep in mind that it is not the best place to take photos as you can't get that close and it is dark.

The old Boiler house is the entrance hall

Sorry about the reflection but I needed a step ladder to get rid of it.

Part a of the working engine

The layout of an engine

The was filled with sand and lime to combat methane gas. After year of neglect it had gone like concrete and had to be dug out by hand.

Part of the entrance hall to the engine room

This flywheel weighs 52 tons and is 28 feet, it turns at a speed of 10.19 per minute. The pump it drives lifts 6.125 tons per stroke

Most of the rest are just picture as I have no information 

How would you like to change the bearing on these?

This is part of the steam gear

The top of the engine where you can see all four beams.

Well that is it, there is lots to see and if you do a tax aid you get a years ticket to go and see the bits you missed.

Thanks for looking

Thursday, 17 October 2013

What a weekend

Wow what a weekend, this started on Friday night with a monsoon that flooded my conservatory. I found this out when I got up Saturday morning just as I was going out. No time to do anything as I was off to a car show with Martin, the last of the season. Jumping ahead, when I got home it wasn't as bad and had mostly dried out but still a bit damp (it still is).

The car show really took my mind off of what I was going to find when I returned. I cold wind blew across the sea front but we were well sheltered. 160 cars took part of all makes and models.

Daimler Dart ex police car

Standard Vanguard

I wonder what this one is called LoL

Filling up

That is it for Saturday but on Sunday two of us went Crossness Pumping Station. More next time.

Thanks for looking

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Mike and me at Capstone Park

Morning all,
            I hope by now you have seen Mike's pictures of Capstone Park and the Heron, if not the link is at the side on this blog.

Mike is now up and about after four week being stuck indoors after a knee op. On Monday he rang me up to ask me to take him out to take some pictures. We decided to go to Capstone as it is on the door step.

Now after four weeks stuck inside Mike needed some WD40 on the old joints so was a bit slow moving around, this was ok because it gave us both time to set up a shot. Well in most cases.

On entering the park light was already fading with the sun and the cloud, but we had about 45 minutes.

End of summer


As we rounded the corner!

No more than 10 feet away, the Heron

Mike about 4 feet from him/her

A close up from me

Also there were other birds

A speed of light Coot, these birds are so fast they can walk on water

Not sure what this is as it is too big for a Mallard (purple flash on the side)

I can't normally get this close to one.

It was about this time that the light was fading and we decided to go home. This is what the Heron thought about it.

Bye for now