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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Groombridge Place

Morning all, not a good Sunday or should I say that the show was not as good as last year. The weather was the start of things with the wind causing trouble. The rain was not too bad with showers only lasting a few minutes. Two did last longer but the sun dried it all out after a while.

Now the main problem with the show was, first imagine something like 500 to 1000 car plus the occupants, say 2000+ people and that is just the display. now add the public to that, throw a number up in the air and say another 2000 (may have been more). So that is 4000 people for them the organisers put on FOUR Port-a-loo's with no soap or towels. We were lucky because we had taken about 100 ltr  of hot and cold water with us, YUCK!

Now the  show was not too bad but for the cars being too close together, normal problem as picture are not that good. Still you can't have everything!

Now for the cars

At the end of the day a Spitfire put on a great display for the crowd 

You had better take cover as he is doing a strafing

Up into the clouds
Taking pictures of aeroplanes in the sky is hard work as the light keeps changing.

That is it for today, tomorrow I have some Bentleys and Rolls as well as some more shots of the Spitfire.

Thanks for looking.



  1. Very good show of cars and the Spitfire, you did good..

  2. Super spitfire shot Trev .. The organisers did themselves no favours and are lucky if no one gets sick. The elderly and very young would be very vulnerable in that unhygienic situation. They were breaking the law regarding health and Safety ...
    Eileen xx

  3. They just didn't seem to care but as I said we took it all with us so we were ok.


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