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Friday, 11 May 2012

Gulls and 90 MPH Coots

Morning all
                Well to continue on from the visit to Mote Park I thought that I would tell you about the Gulls and the Coots. Gulls can glide through the air and look graceful but Coots on the other hand move at warp speed. Just like the bumble bee that should not fly.

There were a lot of pair in the lake and the were having a right chase about. Coots can walk on water and I have the pictures to prove it.

But first the Gulls.

Graceful in flight

Just above the water

Now the Coots walking on water

Defying gravity 
and to prove that they can swim

Looking for food
Well that is all for Wednesday 

Thanks for looking


  1. Lovely birds in flight Trev...have a good week end
    Chris and Dave R

  2. Well doneTrev, those Coots walking on water. Something to do with the size of there feet?

    1. Not their feet. if you could run at a 100MPH you would walk on water (:-)


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