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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Mallard and Teal day

Hi All
      I manage to get a few shots out of the window but not had time to do anything with them.

Breaking New,
Fred let me stroke is chest and tum tonight with out flying all round the cage. He also went for a feed while I was sitting talking in the chair next to him. It look like he is beginning to trust me.

I have a few pictures of Mallards and Teals but they are not as good as Mike's last night.

Most were taken at Riverside

That is it, see tomorrow


  1. Nice Teal shots, looks like it was a bit grey there.

  2. It is always grey at this time of the year Mike. Lovely sunshine until you grab the camera, then grey skies.

  3. Beautiful birds, the teals, Trev Lovely shots and Fred sounds as if he is pleased to be living with 'uncle Trevor ' Lol lol lol xxx

  4. How lovely that fred is taking to you Trev ! And your shots are lovely !!
    Chris and Dave R


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