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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Getting around and catching up

Hi All
       This is catchup as I took some picture yesterday and managed to get out today. The trouble was the I had to ring my nephew in the states this afternoon, so it was a bit of a rush.

Here is the latest picture of Fred. He is getting use to me and today he talked his little head off. He is eating well but is not playing with his toys. There is still time as he may not be completely settled yet.

Fred at his seed pot

This was taken yesterday

In the garden there has been loads of Chaffinches

Chaffinches on the feed

Then today it was off to the river bank outside Iwade

And there in the distance was a wonderful sight.

Grain PS

Kingsnorth PS

Well they do look nice in the sunshine

A not knot in flight
But as always the best until last

Gull in flight

Well that is it, this week is going to be busy so I may not get out much.

Thanks for looking


  1. Awww wot a shame, Fred is not playing wiv his toys! ... What toys can a budgie play with then ...? Mmmmm .. a bell I suppose ! Bit too small yet for a train set is he ? I am getting up a petition to rid blogger of all pictures of Power stations ! Fred said he will sign ! lol

  2. This week it is getting milder Trev so I will be out in the garden. Boiler and hot water tank are being replaced Monday and Tuesday, after that, garden, here I come. LOL

  3. Eileen you can't ban PS's as they are nice in the sunshine.
    My last bird played with a ball by throwing it over his head.

    Glad to hear it Jean as I missed the weather forecast tonight.

    I hope that the boiler goes well

  4. Love the power stations Trev, and Fred looks positively handsome
    bless him !!
    Chris and Dave R


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