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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Things to do day

Hi All
         Well it was a busy day, first I had two widows fitted and that took fro 0830 until 1300. A good job as the installer made sure that there was nothing to complain about. Then out to pick up my new glasses.

When I came back I caught Fred eating out of his seed pot. This I am told be someone who breeds Budgie means that he must be drinking. this is good news as I was not sure that he was. He seems more settled now. pictures later.

I have some more picture that I have taken in the past, I hope that you like them.

Oyster catcher


Teal's fast a sleep

Red Shanks

Autumn leaf 

Not sure but could be a Mallard


That is it, I am going to try and get out tomorrow, I just missed a lovely sunset tonight so it maybe a good day Friday

One for Daisy and Holly, Friday, the day of the fish, (coz you eat fish on a Friday!!!!!!


  1. We both have Mallards on our blogs.

    Good set Trev. Well done,nice colours.

  2. Love the leaf Trev ... Daisy and Holly only go for '"the days of the chicken" Morning to Fred xxxx

  3. Thanks both.
    I only had the phone with me because I thought we were come home when we left Ashford. I did take a few but they are still on my phone.

  4. Nice pics Trev, glad that fred is settling in !
    Chris and Dave R

  5. Glad that Fred is settling in, good for him. Pity you didn't take your camera on Wednesday, it would have been in the car so no trouble to you.
    Good mix of pictures, I like the leaf best, lovely colours.


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