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Monday, 18 April 2011

Bad news here

You know that they say always read the label, well I didn't.

I had bought some surgical spirit to clean a few things and as I had told the chemist what I needed it for I thought no more about it. I brought it home and put it away until I needed it, as you do.

Yesterday I decided to clean the camera as there were some marks on the pictures that showed up on my moon shots. Out came the the bottle and I got the marks off and it looked ok, a few test shots at the sky and white background seemed to confirm this.

Last night I took some 15 shots of a rill on the moon using a contrast filter. I then went to process them only to find that they had marks (looked like water marks) all over them. Now reading the label I find that the surgical spirit contains caster oil. I was lucky that I had so lens cleaner (use for my glasses). I had been told not to use this on the telescope which is why I use the surgical spirit.

This cleaner made a really good job on clearing the Chip and it seems I got away with it.

So, always read the label 


  1. Mmmmm ..... glad it was okay in the end Trev could have been expensive!

  2. That's right as they charge lots to do it in the shop (:-(


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