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Sunday, 15 April 2012

F1 day test

Morning All

 What a great race. I managed to see the lot but it was a pity that Button got such a bad pit stop. Didn't Webber do well. Let's hope the next one is as exciting.

This morning I manage a video of Jimbo but I have no idea if I can put up or what it is going to be like. It has sound.  He would not talk or make a noise. He was shouting all through the F1.

Please read below before clicking the video

Well it has loaded but a word of warning it is big 7  Meg.

Well it has uploaded, I hope you enjoy it


  1. Nope, he has his own mind

  2. Well Trev, I'm sure he winked at me !! lol Bless him !
    chris and Dave R

  3. Oh Trev..... I loved this .... he is gorgeous!! More please ! He may talk next time. Eileen


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