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Friday, 19 August 2011

A morning at Motley Hill (Wednesday)

Morning All, I needed to get out and as I need some petrol I took a drive to the Medway Estuary but the water was way out. I could just see the edge about two miles out. So I kept going until I got to Motley Hill.

The car par was quite full but mostly because of bad parking. I took a walk along the bank and guess what the birds that I have been trying to identify were close by. There was a colony of Gulls and they were close in as well. I also found out that it is not easy to photograph a Butterfly, that don't stop much. There were some plants and fruit as well.

The weather was overcast but warm and quite bright considering the cloud. there was a colony of those birds that I had been trying to photograph  at long distance just across from where I was standing and moving towards me.

The first shot of the colony.

Colony of bird I wanted to Identify

Oyster Catchers
They have a long beak that goes right done in the mud. These three were well away from the colony and stayed together all the time I was there.

In flight Gull and Oyster catcher

Looking for  a landing site

Joining the colony

Lone Gull
Just to show how close I was to them


Two Butterflies


Biting Stonecrop
The plants are coming to an end as the summer ends 

If nothing else the camera has taken the sting out out of this year and I hope that my summer ramblings have made your life a little more joyful.

More tomorrow if I can get out.


  1. Nice butterfly, is that mud with the Oyster catchers or sand. Keep smiling Trev. Can I have some Blackberries they look like they need to go is a pie.

  2. What a stunning set of photos very lovely to look at! Every picture came out so well
    Thanks Trev for the sunshine !!!
    chris R

  3. Thank you Chris.

    No it in not called the Mudway for nothing.


Thanks You for your comment