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Monday, 18 April 2011

Sunspots 18 April 2011

Well I have manage to get some sunspots between the cloud here. The cloud is hight but keeps covering the sun enough to de-focus the images.
This is a selection of images of Sunspot Group 1193 It had the potential to block all radio and sat signals. It is facing our way, more info at

This is one that has no processing done to it, sunspot group hard to see.

These are taken at different speeds and processed to make the group stand out, you can see the rice grain effect on the sun's surface.

Never look at the sun with the naked eye 

The telescope it fitted with a proper solar filter that blocks 99% of light and 99% of the suns heat.


  1. Interesting stuff Limpet! xx

  2. She remembered your name, will have to come and see this when I return Trev.

  3. Watch this space tomorrow


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