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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Lots going on

Back again after much to do. Yesterday I was helping to maintain the club shack which was in need of repair, mainly painting.. There were a goodly number of us which made light work of the job.

This is a before and after  with John in hiding round the corner.

The rest of the workers.

At this time John had not arrived but came along later.

Before we finished painting Richard came along and helped pour the paint and act a BOSS-MAN. I don't think he wanted to get dirty!

Then Terry and Owen arrived to carry out some repairs to the mast and the antenna system, which they sorted before I left, well done lads.

There are a few more weekend work party need to finish off other repairs.

Other things

After dinner I put out the telescope so that I could use it when it got dark. The cloud came over around 1900 and I thought that I was going to be wasting my time. There was to odd patch of brightness in the sky so I decide to see.

Well at 2100 the Moon was high enough to clear the roof and my mast, so it was time to try out the scope.

The Full Moon is never that good but if you are careful you can get some good images of creators, and that was what I was trying for.

These do get processed in PP as the light it too bright or dark, but it is the image size that need reducing (30%in my case).

Creator Eratosthenes (middle)   

Creator Tycho (middle)

Mare Imbrium with Tycho to the left


The best time to take images of the moon is quarter to half and three quarters when there are lots of shadows to make things stand out

I was using the Canon 300d with my 8" telescope an adapter for the camera and a 17mm eyepiece doing what is called par-focal imaging.

That is for now, have a good weekend.


  1. Nice images of the moon's craters, well done.

  2. Wow .... pretty amazing pictures Trev .... xx

  3. They came out better but then there wasn't the cloud around.

    I hope to get some more tonight

    Watch this space as they say

  4. I am not usually one for following the moon and stars, space doesn't really interest me but these pictures showing all the craters are very good, I shall watch your space for more.


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