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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Fun Morning

Busy, busy, busy that is me this morning and into the afternoon.
I thought that if I was selling the bike I had better service it. I did that and the one I am using.

Then Martin rang me to ask if I wanted to go for s ride, YES I said, what time?

1100, which seemed fine to me. I finished the bike and waited. Along came Martin and we set off. Down through the allies until we came to Hoath Woods. We cycled round there and out on to Hoath Lane to the Darland Banks. Lots of friendly people about to talk to.

Next along Hunters Way (Kingsway)  and across the field to Luton rec. Over the road to North Dane Way.
What a hill and I was getting knackered by now (out of condition) but we made it to the top and cycled through the woods to the Harrow inn (closed) and on the Bredhurst and home.

A nice long ride but I am out of practise as I have not done very much riding since the end of last summer.

Mike you will have to get your bike out of mothballs and come with us one Sunday.

No work done in the house but wot the heck there is always tomorrow.



  1. Sounds like you had a very tiring day on your bike I spent all day in a field and had a bacon sandwich for lunch...yum yum.

  2. You can do housework when nobody is able to come out to play.

  3. I wasn't going to do housework Sue I was going to do something else.

    Mike shut-up about your bacon sandwich, it is too late to go and eat one (:-)

  4. I got worn out just reading about your bike ride, Trev. Sounds like a good day. Shame you did not have a bacon sandwich like wot mike did tho!!! :) x

  5. How do you think I felt Eileen, totally knackered, that's what.
    Mike having a bacon sandwich, well that did not help.

    I did have a lay in this morning so feel a lot better.

    All good fun as Mr Scott would say.


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