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Thursday, 17 October 2013

What a weekend

Wow what a weekend, this started on Friday night with a monsoon that flooded my conservatory. I found this out when I got up Saturday morning just as I was going out. No time to do anything as I was off to a car show with Martin, the last of the season. Jumping ahead, when I got home it wasn't as bad and had mostly dried out but still a bit damp (it still is).

The car show really took my mind off of what I was going to find when I returned. I cold wind blew across the sea front but we were well sheltered. 160 cars took part of all makes and models.

Daimler Dart ex police car

Standard Vanguard

I wonder what this one is called LoL

Filling up

That is it for Saturday but on Sunday two of us went Crossness Pumping Station. More next time.

Thanks for looking


  1. Well done Trev, who is that bloke in the red fleece?

  2. Well Mike for once it wasn't you LOL

  3. Very interesting post Trev... I love the Rolls! Pleased you had a good day ... what a pain with the flood ... hope its all dry now!
    Hugs E xxx

  4. Yup it seems to be but I think it is coming up through the floor, bad news Eileen


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