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Thursday, 13 October 2011

More Ore Marsh from yesterday

Hi All
       As I have to wait in for a delivery I thought that I would show some of the ones that I left out yesterday.
Nothing to add but the pictures.
  Very quiet in the garden this morning with nothing happening apart from a Blackbird telling me where to go first thing.

Lapwings out for the count
They never moved

Something upset them and they took off, this was just up in the air by a few feet and down again.

Starling made them jump
A Starling was running around and running at a bird who jumped out of the way, this spooked the others.

I'm better looking than you, no your not, yes I am
Both are standing on one leg

Walk on by
This is as close as I have ever been to one of these birds

two cormorants drying off 
Is the white breasted one a young one?

In flight
That is it 

I hope that we get some sun so that I can go out again

Thanks for looking


  1. Good post Trev, I see the have reverted back to the "new" picture style, I think I prefer the old look.

    Ore seems to be the place to go.

  2. Yes, I agree with Mike, Trev, great post I love the Lapwing that has it's head right in the water!! E x

  3. I like the new one Mike because it doesn't screw with my computer like the old one did.

    Well Eileen, if this weather holds (nice and bright) I may take a trip there today, lets see.

  4. The Greater Crested Plumber and the Lesser Crested Plumber have gone, see Mike's blog! Love your story line on your pictures Trev and I reckon you will be off to Ore today with this sunshine. I have had to close the blind down to see, how stupid am I?
    Have a great day Bloggers and Viewers.

  5. Hi Trev, some lovely shots.....My favourite is
    'I'm better looking than you' !!
    Chris R

  6. Thanks all.
    Well I did go back as I could not waste the sunshine, see tonight's blog when I publish it.


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