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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Bad sad couple of days

Morning All
              It has been a sad couple of days, I have been up to the grave and filled in where it had sunk down, that was Sunday and Monday morning. Later on Monday I cheered the place up by putting in some plants. This made it look a bit more like it did before Mum past away. Now I have to go and water it every day because we haven't had any rain for a long time.

Sunday afternoon was a bit dull after a nice sunny start an as the wind had increased I decided to go out to the riverside I went to last week. I was hoping to get some picture of the waves.

When I got there it was still misty like last week but what the heck it was fresh air. I set up the camera at the side of the shore and too a few pictures. I then found the that the grass was too high and moved along the road to another spot.

 This proved more suitable as the grass was not as high. I set up again and there is an old barge (falling apart) that I wanted to photograph. It was a little far away but I couldn't get closer. 

The wind was not as strong as last week so no wave, well very small.

The old barge


Grain P.S.

You can see how dull it was but I am hoping that I can get an afternoon with some sun shine, these would look really good if that happened 


  1. Keep your pecker up Trev, I will try to bring some sunshine back with me on the plane.
    I really know how you feel mate.

  2. Hope you are ok, thought you would leave me a message. Will be on here tomorrow before we leave for the Airport at about 12 am your time.

  3. I hadn't been on here but I will have some more picture to put up tomorrow, Thanks and have a safe journey

  4. No problem, speak to you soon, take care.


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