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Friday, 9 September 2011

Dull but bright day Day one Part two

Onward and upward as they say, this is the continuing story from Thursday. Lots to see and lots of activity.

Here is more on the deep water creek at low water where there seems lots of different birds take time off to swim and take a bath. I also have some from within my garden.

Drinking Pigeon
You can see how a Pigeon drinks, good old plastic.

The deep water creek
This creek is long and windy, so one shot is impossible  More to come another day.

An old building
This building is across the inlet I had never noticed them before.

It still float at high water but it looks like an old hull from a Spanish war galleon.

This bird is still here
I wonder what he does at hight water

Next feeders

Not sure what these are


This is not the same picture as yesterday


Another one with attitude 

Gliding on the wind


It wouldn't be complete with a few Doves.

Sleepy head
He stayed here a long while by moving from here to the bird table and staying there.

That way
Focused on the wrong bird but he was just jumping up when I took the shot, it was just point and shoot

One more Dove

Bird on a wire
Eileen and Mike will know what I mean

That's it see you tomorrow with part three


  1. Sleepy head was at my house earlier.

    Well done the rusty barge has good colours.

  2. That first shot was well captured with the beak under water. I recognise that tyre it follows you around, favourite one has to be the one with attitude. You should be rightly pleased with the new lens it was well worth it.

  3. Good evening Trev, some great shots here...I like the bird on a wire....lets see what the weekend is like !
    chris R

  4. I love the one with attitude Trev... good range of subjects as well ... I bet you didn't have to vandalize a fence panel ( know who I mean 'arry!) to get your birds in flight!!! lol lol

  5. Well thank you all for the comments.

    Yes Mike I sent him over, that is why he would not fly. The flight over.......

    No I have no trouble getting them to fly as I only have to walk into the room and they are off. They just can't stand me. LOL

  6. I am sure the birds really like you Trev as you feed them every day.

    I have sent him back to you as he wont fly on demand even when I kick the fence panel, silly bird.

    You need a hide Trev then you can go outside and sit in it all day.

    There was a article on the telly the other night on how to take pictures of birds in your garden. It consisted if 4 flash heads around the bird bath and a 4 hour wait to get some really good shots of birds bathing.

  7. Now taking pictures of the birds having a bath I have no trouble with but getting them to feed is. They come down and I walk in the room and off they jolly well go, boo hoo.

    Still there are a couple that don't so maybe I am getting somewhere.


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