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Monday, 12 March 2012

Now you see it now you don't (Rubble)

Hi All,
         Here are the pictures of the site after the towers were brought down. The thing that stands out is how little rubble there is and in the two hours since the explosion that it was piled up. There were only one or two people on site when we go there and no machines working. I have included a picture of the sub-station to show how close to the towers it is.

Tower one

Tower two right three left

Piles of rubble taken from different angles

The sub-station in the background
That's it, never to be seen again, how sad

This is a reworked one from yesterday for Mike to see.

This was the first tower to go. It was done in Lightroom

Thanks for looking.


  1. Replies
    1. Ere, the second and the forth are the same. I thought I was seeing things. I will put it down to you having too much coffee. Poor Trev.

  2. Thanks for the pictures Trev ... I cannot believe how 'tidy' it all is!... lay off the coffee! Can we have some pictures of Jimbo NOW please!!! Eileen xxx

  3. Yes Eileen it was all pushed together when we arrived.

    They said on the news that it took 20 seconds to blow it up. It seemed longer.

  4. Fabulous post Trev......How's Jimbo ?
    Chris and Dave R

    1. Getting there Chris, he doesn't run away that much and come on my finger now. He has started to grow his feather back and can fly a few feet.


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