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Friday, 24 August 2012

sunny afternoon part two

Showing the rest of my picture from yesterday it seems that I was right about that Knot. They have a 6' wingspan but I wonder why there were only two of them. Also the ducks were female Teals. It has been a while since there were any around.

A great Black Backed Gull
These birds are now starting to show in larger numbers. I love to see them in flight.


Big wingspan

The Great Gull having a wash


Who's a pretty Boy then
Teal with reflection
Well that is it for my trip out.

Thanks for looking


  1. Sorry not been on, had a load of trouble with the laptop. Good shots.

  2. Thanks Mike, sorry you are having trouble with the l/top.

  3. I'm back Trev... I bet you missed me, but not much lol ??? Great shots here and you are really getting to know your birds now! ... Hows Jimbo???
    Good to be back x
    Eileen xx

  4. Welcome back Eileen, of course I missed you how could you think otherwise!

    I am glad you had a good holiday.


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