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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Bloores Wharf Part two Birds in flight

This is continuing the story. I am getting a bit behind again so there will be some pictures from yesterday. This won't matter as they are all birds in the air of some sorts.

Yesterday was a day waiting for things to happen, I was waiting for a parcel and for someone to return from holiday as I had their keys. So yesterday was the garden birds and I tried to get a shot of the moon with Jupiter as they were almost side by side. It did not matter how much I tried I got a reflection of the Moon along side the real one. This does happen when the reflection is inside the lens. Stopping down is the cure but then no Jupiter. I have got a quarter Moon to show you, I hope you like it.

Moon taken with 50mm lens
 This was the best shot out of three

Starling gets the hell out of it, well wouldn't you!
I just caught this as he was leaving the platform, he had not had time to open his wings.

Back to Bloores Wharf

Coming in to land
 I just managed to get the shadow in on this one

More shadow

Shadow and reflection


Two on the rocks
Are they looking for a drink

That crazy bird is back
From yesterday, do you remember that crazy Dove that was trying to hang on to the feeder, well he's back. What he doesn't realise is that he is knocking more food out for the other birds than he is getting.

And finally another lovely sunset tonight

About 8:30 PM
See you tomorrow with part three


  1. Nice sunset, does that mean a fine day tomorrow.

    I put up a bit of bait on Facebook to see if our mate will bite, hi.

  2. Hi Trev,Love the moon shot ! In fact I would say that all the pics are pretty awesome.......
    And who's Michael's mate on face book ???
    Sorry, just being nosey !!!!!
    chris R

  3. Hi Chris
    That sound like Charles, both Mike and I have known him for round 30 years. He can be a real laugh sometimes, I have just had lunch with him.


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