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Monday, 25 June 2012

wet and dry car show

Morning all, yesterday was the Cliftonville  Car show. Martin, Stan and me set off to show off Martin's 1968 Morris Minor .

I was picked up at 0745 and as you know by now something always goes wrong. Well this time my seat belt jammed and it took quite a while to free it. Martin and me then went and picked Stan, yet another puzzle getting his stuff in the car.

Driving down the motorway the nearside wiper blade fell off and Stan had to stick his arm out of the door to get in.  All the journey it rained but it did stop when we arrived. We were directed into a slot and parked up.

Out comes a very big fishing brolly but the wind kept changing direction but between us we got it up.

Martin's Morris with fishing brolly behind
While we were setting up Stan went hypo  and was shaking, he got cold and I wondered if he was going to be ok. Martin gave him a bag of crisps and that steady him. We got set up and headed over to the loo where on the way back we passed a Farmers market. Stan decided to get more to eat and bought a thing, well it was the size of a Panini stuffed with egg and cheese. As we walked back Stan said to me I hope it works, it cost £3 so asked has it got a hall mark!

Stan and food.

Now on these trips Martin does up proud with bacon and egg rolls cakes and loads of coffee. I supplied a Pavlova.


Now from taking photographs the show was laid out wrong. Everything was cramped together so taking picture was not that good.


Left side
Trotter mobile 


Well that enough for today, Mike is in for a surprise tomorrow as one of the car live in Ballens Road.

Thanks for looking


  1. Super post Trev.....sounds like you had a few 'hiccups' along the way !
    Chris richards

  2. It all adds to the fun Chris, if I listed them I would run out of screen..

  3. Ah this takes me back to when you could work on a car, lot's of memories came flooding back, some good some not so good.
    Shame about Stan, but he must have got better as he was moaning about the price of food.
    Good one Trev I know about them bunching all the cars together, it's a shame really as a lot more interest would be shown if they were further apart, good effort though.

  4. Super post Trev ... lots going on and great pictures ... Poor old Stan glad he was okay ... Priceless about the windscreen wiper falling off ! lol lol lol
    Just love your posts Trev many thanks for sharing xxxx
    E xx

  5. Your welcome. I do try to keep them interesting


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