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Saturday, 2 April 2011

As quickly as a wink

I was at a loose end and this morning and had bad thoughts.

Just over three months ago it was Christmas, then it was New Year. That only seems like a few days ago, so time is flying by.

Next last week on the Thursday was Mum's funeral and that is now over a week ago.

Then I thought it is not long before it will be Easter!

Summer is nearly here.

Before we all know it it will be Christmas and New Year again.

This is worrying as it will soon be 2012.

Life really is too short.


  1. Huh ! I am not gonna have too much to do wiv YLW Mike, Trev's 'lifestyle' is much too fast fer me!x

    AND......he ain't a follower on MY BLOG yet!!! lol x

  2. Ah, poor Trev, he's really missing out on life not following Daisy's Diary.
    It's the first thing I do when I turn on the computer, would not miss it for the world.
    Keep on typing Daisy.

  3. Oh Dear I am hurt Eileen, boo hoo

    I thought that I was Mike but I will check

  4. Well I am following you now Mike

  5. You are not following me!!!!!


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