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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Bad Friday good Saturday

I had a bad Friday as I was looking forward to a trip to our obo at Canterbury. My Friend Peter and I were meeting a few of our members at the Victoria Hotel. We arrived at 8:30 and waited for the others to arrive. 

About 9:30 only one other had arrived so we set off for the obo.

WE got one of the telescopes out only to find that the sky so so murky that all we could see was Saturn, and that  had the wobbles. We kept trying but by 1100 it was not getting any better, so we packed up. We did see the ISS go over which is like being in the right place at the right time.


 Hot and sticky when I got up 0615 but not that bad. 

I have being looking to up date my 6 year old camera and having time on my hands this morning I was using the I'net to check prices, bad news this! I found that Curry's had a good deal on one of those that I had short listed.

Yes off I went and spent my money.

Having got it home I had to charge the battery. While this was going on (about two hours) I read the manual. I am glad I did as it is so different to my old one.

I have taken some picture round my garden, I hope you like them

Strait off the camera with no processing


  1. Well shiver my timbers, you DID IT, well done. Nice images as well.

  2. Mike it is a lot better than than the 300d, faster and an 8 meg bigger image size.

    Those above were only JPG's as at that time I had not found the raw.

    Bad news is that you need PP C4 to read the RAW unless you use the s/ware that come with it.

    File size is 15 + 5 meg in RAW, wow. I got a 8gig card so plenty of room and I ordered 2 batteries for the 7 day shop (£4.38 each) when I got home.

    I hope you are having fun nearly a week gone.


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