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Monday, 25 April 2011

Some good some bad.

The new camera is really taking me time to get things right, but it will be worth it in the end.

I was feeling a bit down yesterday, maybe it is spending all that money on my new camera (must be getting like old Kendo Eileen). By the end of the afternoon the sky had started to clear (it had been the sort of blue grey sort of colour) and was getting more blue. I decided to put out the telescope to warn up / cool down ready for an evening session.

Well now it doesn't really get dark until after 2130 so I had a long wait. About 2100 I went out for a look and could not see much. Arcturus (one of the summer triangle) was all that I could find, there were others but only odd ones. Back in doors and wait.

2130 I went out again and this time I found Saturn, after a hot day it was wobbling all over the place. I did manage a few images but way out of focus. I sent one to my friend Paul just to prove how bad the air was up here. I was considering packing up, so I put the camera and the odd bits away, I was taking a last look and was amazed that for a few minutes the air steadied and Saturn was in all its glory. What a pity I had put the gear away. It did not last long but was a wonderful sight while it did.

This morning I decided to try to image the large sunspot 1195, it is not quite naked eye but in the telescope it is quite a sight.

 This one has more processing than the top one but it does stand out.

Not sure how many Earth it is but a lot.

It looks like the weather is going to change in the next day or too so this maybe the last for a while


  1. Pooooooooooooor old Trev. we ALL say live life for today and silly ol bugger.

  2. poor young Trev,keep smiling......

  3. Yeah... keep smiling Trev .... What camera did you get Trev? xx

  4. The Canon 500D
    I had the 300D and lens so it wasn't a good idea to change make Eileen.
    I am glad you enjoyed your break.


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