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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Is it going to be a bad Tuesday

Well I hope not. It wasn't raining when I got up but had been. A nice chat with the lady in the paper shop, and a walk home in the wind. As I neared home ran into Tony who lives across the road. two minute chat with him as he was going round to get his paper. He is a nice chap as yesterday he knock at the door to see if I was ok as he had not seen me since Saturday, that is nice.

Breakfast, nothing interesting (no bacon sandwiches.

Mandy and Rick came and cut the grass at 0845. 

Must go shopping 

So the start of the day is looking good

1600 hrs. 

Well so far not a bad day. My cycle computer arrived and has been fitted ready for tomorrows ride. 

Dinner is ready to be cooked.

Tonight is the Biggest Loose USA a full one hour and 45 minutes of watching other go through pure hell coz they have let their body go through over eating.

One really good thing, my sister has lost her voice, hooray!

 I had a nice run out with Stan and Martin to night to the Rose and Crown at Hartlip. A very nice evening talking to the new Landlord until 2230.

No not a bad Tuesday

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