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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Just what filters do

Today I have been playing with filters graduated ND filters.

I have had these for quite sometime but not used them much. I have two, one is half clear and half grey this is the third set of pictures. The other one is all sort of a funny dark brown colour Supposes to be gold.  I have one that I have in use yet which you can see is a dark Grey i colour. The filter system I use is by Kood and Corkin they are square filters that go into a holder that screws on to the front of the camera.

The Corkin Holder

Kood Filters
Grey, all grey and gold

No filter 

ND filter sky has more detail and a better colour, both picture taken on the same setting. 

The only P/Shopping is to reduce their size 

No filter no sky

Filter and a detailed sky.

You cane get other filters such as polarising filters as well as coloured filter for portraits. I have a sunset filter which I have yet to try.

That's it for now, I won't bore you any more.

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