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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Crazy mixed up bird

It has been one of those days, this morning I had to clear two rooms before 8:00 as I was having two new windows fitted. The fitter arrived at 8:15 and started work. He left at around 1:30pm. Nice job and make the room a lot lighter.

After putting the rooms back it was getting on for 4:00pm so I sat down and this is what happened. This crazy bird must have been hungry. The picture were taken on the dark side to bring the shutter speed up.

The first picture is to show the layout, the rest the antics of this crazy Dove

  This is the layout of the feeding station, the one on the left is made up of wheat, there is plenty on the ground.

Let me at it

From now on he tries very hard to hang on but always goes back for more

Getting a grip
Try this way

Let's have another go
Oh dear still can't hang on

Still trying
Got a grip but for how long
I bet he falls off
My feet are too big
This bird is not going to give up

I made it
I wonder if the birds name is Bruce 

Is it my turn yet
This bird has no chance with all the effort that he put in to getting this far.
I don't know how long it lasted but it was good fun watching and taking these.

Tomorrow the RSPB has an open day at their Northward Hill site at Cooling. entrance is free but they ask for a donation for the car park. It starts at 1100AM I will be there with a solar telescope cloud permitting.

Bye for now  


  1. Well done Trev, they are getting better all the time. Off to bed now in south wales.

  2. Ta Mike, The faster shutter helped

  3. Hi Trev ,dont know how i missed this post but
    very entertaining ! That bird was a persistant little b*gger, bless him ! Great shots Trev....
    chris R


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