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Friday, 5 August 2011

A grey afternoon on the river

The title says it all, the morning was rain, rain and more rain. the afternoon was no different to the morning. Mike Sue and me arrive at the heliport at 2:20PM and it was wet and dismal. We boarded the boat to moans of "I should have stayed in the car or at home" not a very good start.

Once the boat got under way and we have met up with the rest of our party (eight in all) the mood changed for the better. Most of us (the men) went out on deck with the camera's. The rain was now at a drizzle and looked like stopping, which it did.

It seems that we were in the middle of a race with yachts everywhere around us.

  The three pictures are of the race

Old steamer
This old steamer is in need of a lot of TLC

A little farther down
Tug Boat
I think this is the west fort

This is part of the east fort with the Old Rusty Barge

Kingsnorth power station 
Just out of sight on the right is the Oakham ness jetty where the boat turned for home.

This would not be complete without some of our motley party.

On the left is Geoff and Charles next to him

I think that most people on the boat thought it was March and not August as the had Great coats on.
That is it for now


  1. So Trev, a bit of a rusty old barge day with
    Rather grey cumulonimbus.....Who swallowed the dictionary this morning !
    Looking forward to your next post
    chris R

  2. Hi Trev, I like the Power station one and the one of the lady on the yacht taking a pic of us. Really getting into the sky's and the clouds in the power station one are great. Right, shower time breakfast and hit the road. Off to see Ken G4GJA in Myther Tydvil.

  3. Thanks Mike, say Hi to Ken for me.
    It won't be very big as I have had one of those very busy day. Most of the time is was overcast but cleared at teatime. I may have some shot fingers XXXXXX

  4. Ken and Heather say hi, we have also seen Laura.


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