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Saturday, 19 October 2013

The Crossness engin

Last Sunday Martin and I went to the Crossness pumping station to see its working engin.

Crossness was built as part of the London Main Drainage scheme and was opened in April 1865 and worked until closed in the 1950's.

Restoration on one engine is competed and open to the public (working) twice a year. It is now operated by steam.
You can go to their website and see when it is open from / too (not working)

 It is worth a visit and they have a very reasonable cafe that does cold lunches as well as tea and coffee.

I can't tell you too much in a blog but will include some detail, Please keep in mind that it is not the best place to take photos as you can't get that close and it is dark.

The old Boiler house is the entrance hall

Sorry about the reflection but I needed a step ladder to get rid of it.

Part a of the working engine

The layout of an engine

The was filled with sand and lime to combat methane gas. After year of neglect it had gone like concrete and had to be dug out by hand.

Part of the entrance hall to the engine room

This flywheel weighs 52 tons and is 28 feet, it turns at a speed of 10.19 per minute. The pump it drives lifts 6.125 tons per stroke

Most of the rest are just picture as I have no information 

How would you like to change the bearing on these?

This is part of the steam gear

The top of the engine where you can see all four beams.

Well that is it, there is lots to see and if you do a tax aid you get a years ticket to go and see the bits you missed.

Thanks for looking


  1. That's really something different for you to photograph Trevor, they don't make machinery like that now. Well done, as you said it wasn't the best of conditions to photograph in but I enjoyed looking, what a magnificent Entrance Hall.

  2. yes it is different Susie but worth going

  3. Great shots Trev, you captured is well.

  4. I really enjoyed this post Trev... what a place! Ken would love it .
    super pictures considering the light was bad .. you did a good job!
    E xx


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