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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Northward Hill and Cooling Point in an afternoon

Hi All, I hope that you have had as good a weekend as me, Mike and Sue? We were having a mucker bout and I decided to take them both over to Northward Hill RSPB site. We got there around 2:00PM after a really heavy down pour. The sun was back out, so we hit the trail (Nature Trail that is).

The first stop was the hide where at first I thought it was Coal Tit feeding but looking in the book it was Great Tit.

Great Tit

This was possibly the best shot of the day

Moving on to the viewing point

Swans on the lake
 There are 4 swans and colony of Coots.


While here we came across a very unusual animal roaming the shore line, it kept following us.

This kept following us
Mike ask for these to make a pie
   Is this enough Mike

Onto Cooling Point 

This was an after thought as we were going to go home but it was only 4 miles  away we decided to go for it.

On arriving we find that the car park closes at 5:00PM so we did not have a lot of time.

 his was the first sight to greet us as we got out of the car.
We all walked down to a vast lake

 There seems to be a very big colony of these but we only had time for one lake. This was a pity but it looks like it might be a day trip on its own.

 And finely Daisy must have been here

Does this belong to Daisy and Holly

That's it see you soon and have a good BK Monday


  1. Hi Trev, I thought I recognised that ball !
    And that strange looking animal that was following you !!! lol
    Great shots Trev,
    chris R

  2. A good afternoon Trev, I seem to recognise that animal that was following us about. Good pictures, the great tit and swans on the lake are my favourites. Until the next time, we should have collected the remains of the ball for poor Daisy!!

  3. That's me Chris,Trev and I make a great pair, stalking all those birds that were half a mile away. BTW that sueieque is the wife, bless her.

  4. Great shot of the Great Tit btw.

  5. Hello Trev ...we are all back safe and sound and catching up with our 'blogs'! We often go to Northwood Hill and have permission to take the 'doggies' but have to keep them on a lead of course! Lovely shots Trev... just luv the one of the 'unusual animal' roaming around (tic!) Tell Mike that loads of people take their plastic bowls down there to fill with the blackberries.The RSBP people are more than happy, providing you only take enough for some jam or a pie or two! ... This year is a stunner for all fruit and I could see before we went away that the berries there looked super! Good to be back, D&H send their love and say you can keep that ball you found!! xxxxxx

  6. Hello Eileen, I am glad all four of you are safe and well. You seemed to have had a smashing time and I am sure it was all over too quickly.

    It is the first time Mike and Sue have been to Northward Hill but I hope not the last. We only went as far as the viewpoint as it looked like rain (it was). We must explore the rest later.

    Thanks Chris.

  7. It's called " Cliffe Pools" Trev, over 235 bird species have been recorded there, where were they then? I found a mound with no Species on it.

    Joking aside we had a GREAT day, not like the TIT who still has the jury out on it, cone on OTL..

    Well done Trev, lets try Elmley Marshes next time.

  8. A good idea Mike.

    I would like to have a good look round Cliffe Pool (not sure why I called it Point) as it is big and closer.

  9. AH your back then. was going to Boomers with you but I think we got our wires crossed.

    Ok on Cliffe whatever, I would call them lakes not pools hi. Perhaps go on Wed pm depending on the Ashford run and and the weather then go for a Chinese.

    I think R14 0n the display of my camera meads the amount of images that can be saved in burst mode.

  10. Sounds like a plan, Wednesday, The Chinese sounds good as I won't have to cook.

    Pity about Boomer's as we would have been glad of you company. Brian turned up and so did Charles Father in law Dug.
    I came away early to go to riverside but the tide was in, so that was a no go. I did get some good shots of the shore line but you will have to wait until tonight. to see them. Rain tomorrow clear Wednesday.


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