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Monday, 5 September 2011

Bloores Wharf revisited

Hi All,
       Being Monday there is lots to catch up on after the weekend. So I was late getting started, one reason for going to Bloors Wharf again. . I did not get out until 3PM so I needed somewhere close. It is quite near and it has a car park.

 The lay out is a wide inlet with little creeks opening out to lots of Islands at low water. Moving on up there is a large creek at low water that gets lots of different birds in it.

It was nice and quiet today as the schools are back with only a few dog walkers.

Keeping quiet is the order of the day and moving slowly along the bank keeps the birds from moving out.

Up your six
This bird really had his feathers ruffled 

The Wharf

Moving on to the birds there was one close in to the jetty, this is surprising how close you can get without them flying off. 

Right in close

Not found out what this one is yet
Duck drying off
There did seem a lot of duck with the Gulls this afternoon.

These next pictures show a little of how big this creek is. A lot of the creeks are deep and give the birds shelter from the wind. They fly into then and can't be seen from the river bank.

Creek view
This is low water

This duck has an itch
I haven't posted them but there seems to be some other birds behind these. They were too far to show them off.

Gull and shadow
This gull is casting a shadow

At least one of the creeks is very large at low water as it has depths.

Ducks and Gulls

All had been having a wash and brush up

What are these doing here
These things should be on the farm land not at sea.
Next time I go I will take a full picture of the creek so that it shows how big it is.

That is it. If the weather is ok tomorrow I will be out and about if not Part Two tomorrow.


  1. The " right in close" is good Trev. It is supposed to rain tomorrow so looks like back up and Part Two.

  2. HI trev, nice bird pics , shame about the rain forcast tomorrow !
    chris R

  3. Lovely shots Trev .... I will ask OTL when he gets up! what the bird is ...

    Question for you Trev .... did you always go out and about so much with your camera before you started a blog?

    Blogging has helped me raise my standards as far as card making is concerned and of course Ken would be walking D and H a lot but his blog has helped him to learn loads about taking 'better' pictures because it is always with him so lots of practice .

    Getting used to the 'RED bits now .....but miss 'The Goat'lol lol

    55's 73's 88's

  4. By the time I was doing the blog I was out with the camera. I think it may have really started when I started taking the in flight pictures. I needed more than just Pigeon's and Dove's. This got me thinking to what I did when I first got my 300D (the first camera).

    I decided to revisit those places again. I then Joined the RSPB to find out more and that is when the blog stared.

    Yes the same here you try and raise the standard, (costly in this case).

    It is good fun and I love doing it but I am wondering what will happen in the winter. Fingers xxx that it is not a bad one as I want to go out and still take pictures. If it is -10c I will stay indoors.

    You were missed yesterday Chris, I am glad you like the new layout.

  5. Cheers Trev ..... I look forward to reading all the blogs I follow .... My crafty ones take a bit of time to get around cos there are so many !

    The bird is a Red Shank Trev.... xxx

  6. Oh, thanks Eileen, I have heard of it but never seen one until now.


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