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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Mote Park to Museum of Kent Life

Hello All
          This is a different blog today, I went to a car show run by the Morris Owners Club. My friends Martin  has this minor that he is restoring. It need a lot more work done but is a runner.
After picking me up at 0845 we drove to Mote Park where we met up with over 100 cars mostly Morris type.

Mote Park
This was before the start of a drive around Kent.

At 1000 we all set of to do a tour of the lanes around Maidstone. This took us to Sutton Valance then round lanes to East Farliegh and back to the Museum of Kent Life. This trip took about an hour and a bit. The weather was good to us so it was ok.

We arrived at the Museum and got parked up and sorted out our cover in case it rained. It did early afternoon , that drizzle that really wets you. It was a good job we had cover.

We set up in front of the goat pen and here are the goats.

Goat Pen
 I missed a picture of two of them locking horns, what a pity. no one got hurt.

The show

1000000 Minor's
There were a limited number of these made when they got to 1,000,000 cars this one is really well looked after they are called Millie.


Goats head
I couldn't resist this one

Nicely kept
And of course Martin's Morris

Martins car
I think this is a 1968 but not sure of the year.

That is it for today, I may have a rest tomorrow, lets see what the weather brings.



  1. Wot's the bird Trev? quick before Eileen gives you stick again. So that's were you went, nice set of MM's, boy were they a pleasure to work on.

    New wildlife Trev, you not done a goat before, is it a Goat er yes I think so.

    We got wet at Westmore farm which had it's fair share of Moggies and rain. Bacon roll was nice though.

  2. Definitely a bird and black in colour ummmmmmmm, answers on a postcard.
    Nice set of Morris Minors, I hope you didn't all cause a lot of traffic jams, people were out today knowing that the dreaded "School Run" is fast approaching. Sounds good to all travel from a starting point and glad the weather held up.

  3. Sue, they took us round some very narrow lanes with no passing places. I bet some of the country folk waiting to get to where ever got up set with a 100 plus cars coming along the road.

    One place was East Farliegh bridge, 100 cars coming from one direction.

    I did forget to say but Stan was with us as well.

  4. Cor.... stone the crows! A nice gentle read all about wonderful old cars ( in excellent condition) and a Goat or two plus a 'BIRD', all with the lovely soft, pastel hue of you new blog background scrolling past ..... then WHAM this........RED STUFF back ground !!! lol lol lol Gonna get me sunglasses !

  5. Not so bad on my 4 x 3 monitor even though it is big but you should see it wide screen on Michael's, truly a sight for sore eyes, I kid you not.

  6. No Chris today, maybe she has gone to buy her new caravan!!!

    Thank you Eileen, it does stand out a bit but as Sue says sunglasses, no it is not that bright. If it is you have the brightness too high.

    I have just published today's and there is a bird that I need ID, please.

  7. Hi Trev, sorry i'm late with this one !!
    Somehow I missed this post , dont know why ?
    Anyway lovely shots this time Trev and I quite like the 'in your face' red and the goat !
    chris R


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