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Thursday, 26 January 2012


Hi All
     A bad morning with it raining and quite wet, little let up first thing. By the time it had stopped and started to dry it was past high water, not good as the birds are out on the islands. I was thinking of going somewhere else when it started to rain again. I then thought better of it and decided to use some more stock picture. Mike and I thought this would happen as we got into the winter. Mike has loads to put up from his USA holiday and me from our running around Kent.

I have decided to use the cloud picture that I have taken over the last few months, this is a good stand by as you only need a clear day.

Grain PS


These last two are the same but the lower one converted to black and white

I will try and get out tomorrow as it says it will be dry but cold


  1. Ah ...lovely pictures here Trev ... I see a PS photo sneaked in ! Years back we went to the Outer Hebrides. Apparently they are visited by people who study/photograph clouds. The people come from all over the world ... the islands are famous for their beautiful cloud formations! Post any more Power Stations and I'll send you there!!!! lol xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Oh Eileen you wouldn't do that would you... Maybe you would. LOL

  3. Eileen, how about starting up a STTOH Fund, he would love it there with all those clouds.
    Trev, good on the clouds, I like the 4th one best, it could be framed.

  4. Mmmm ..... Good idea Sue .... better than STTA&E if he posts any more Power Stations ! lol xx

  5. Oh dear and I took two more PS's this afternoon.

  6. I think I may have fallen through


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