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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Eastcourt Meadow again

Hi All
         It was a nice afternoon Friday and a chance to get out. I headed for Sharps Green which is part of Riverside Country Park. I went west into Eastcourt Meadow. It was near hight water so there was not a lot of shore line. Lots of birds just close enough but no seals which I was hoping to see.

Sunning him self

Going down

Glug, glug
Two feeding Gulls

Lapwings in flight
Not sure what these are

Oyster Catchers

Puff Ball

And of Course

PS in the sun
Well that is it for now, I have some more to process as there were Shelducks, Curlew, and a few more.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Well you are really in the naughty corner now with that ps, lets hope Eileen doesn't see it.

    Nice day, shame I had to work still you got out. Never seen a Teal before so that's another one to look out for. Good cloud formation and the upside down Gull.

  2. Hi Trev, nice shots here !
    Now you know you will get your bottom smacked
    for posting know what....... tut tut,
    naughty boy !!
    Chris and Dave r

  3. As Kendo says I am always in the mire it is only the depth that varies.

    I have not seen a Gull turn upside down to feed. In the picture of the two they both were feeding and that one did it twice.

    There are plenty of Teals at Riverside.


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