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Monday, 2 January 2012

Too good a day to miss out on

Hi All,
       Well after the last week or so what a day today, bright sunshine with not a cloud in the sky. I was going cycling this morning but by 1030 I had not heard form anyone. I rang and found out that it was going to be 1130 before we went out. That was too late for me as I had to meet the chaps for lunch at 1200. So I decided that as I had at least an hour to spare there was only one place to go, Bloors Wharf! I load up the car and headed there.

Now the car park was full but one nice chap was pulling out, into his parking space and I set off up river.

 With the sun on it I could not resist a picture, the second most photographed wreck at Riverside

Red Shank
There were a lot of people walking the bank, so the bird were a way out 

I don't know what this is
the same bird


These were right in front of me when I got to the wharf. they few off just after I took this

He was with the other two
Ringed Plover
I have not seen many of these at Riverside but when I have it has only been the odd one.

Taken from a different angle
By now it was time to head home so as to get ready to head off to lunch at The Dockside Outlet. This is where  half dozen of us meed for lunch on a Monday to help each other sort out technical problems, anything from railways to radios.

After this as I still had the camera I took a walk along the path of St. Mary's Island. Not far but enough to enjoy the sunshine. The light was so good that I tool another shot of Upnor Castle. I know I put one up yesterday but that was taken months ago.

Upnor Castle in the sunshine

Rochester skyline

No information on this
That is it I will save Eileen's sanity by NOT putting up a PS today but watch out tomorrow, only joking.

It has been a really brilliant day, I hope that you have enjoyed it as much as me.

Have fun, thanks for looking.


  1. Some great shots the grand old wreck,
    she looks in 'not so fine fettle'.....well done that man !
    chris and dave R

  2. Sure was a lovely day to go out with the camera, looking forward to Wednesday. Shoooosh, dont tell Eileen wot we are up to.

  3. Thanks Chris, it was a day to remember.

    I won't!

    I not seen your blog yet was I will go looking.
    BTW Ray phoned me tonight a lot to tell you Wednesday

  4. Not sure what No. 7 was doing but my favourite is the one with two pigeons having a drink.
    Great day weather-wise, one not to be missed, well done.

  5. Oh yes, lovely walk and smashing pictures . My favourite is the 'Giant Red Pepper'! LOL
    Thanks you so much for forgetting to put up a picture of a PS.
    Good man xxxxx 'er wots goin on Wednesday??? do tell! tell!

    Eileen xxx

  6. I thought of it as a red pumpkin Eileen, I did think it was the best.

    I won't Captain.


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