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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A reminder

Hello All
           Today's weather is XXXXXXX so I thought I would remind you what that sunshine looks like.
There were a few that I did not put up yesterday so that should help..

That's it for today


  1. Hi Trev, Good post, really nice first shot of that bird, I am NOT going to name it as I might get corrected by a twitchier, hi.

    You are really treading on thin ice with 2 power stations.

    See you tomorrow to discuss you now what, remember "walls have ears"

  2. Thanks for reminding us of the sunshine, nice to see, the second one looks like a swimming pool and I don't recognise it. Not your back garden, nor mine! The first little bird is good, nice bright legs, perhaps you will tell us what it is.

  3. Hi Trev, Oh dear....lovely power station shots.....
    not sure Eileen will agree ?
    Roll on the spring !!!
    chris and dave R

  4. The bird is a Red Shank and was having a good feed.

    The "swimming pool" was Bloors Wharf where the warehouses were built before they built them down

  5. Huh! Post FULL of Power Stations lol and you are both being sneaky abt wot you are up to!
    So I am not going to tell you how much i liked your pictures there!!!! ;}}}}}}} (laughter)

  6. Oh dear Mike, we had better keep quiet for another day...


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