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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Feeding Birds

Hi All,
       Back again on this cold morning. Not wanting to go out and having the heating fixed yesterday I got the camera set up early. Moving in and out of the room and snapping a way when there was something to shoot.

One is missing a Coal Tit, it was a matter of point and shoot, no setting up so too dark and noisy to use, a pity as it was the first in the garden.

I have wondered why some Black Birds have an attitude problem, this one today did.

Black Bird looking for food

Black Bird has an Attitude problem


You still here

Two of them


The fight has started

Looking for food

After this they had their feed and that was when the Coal arrived. Pity I have not got the picture, next time maybe.


  1. Good shots Trev....poor birds need help with food this weather !
    Chris and Dave R

  2. It is not so much food as water Chris. I can't get the ice out of the bird bath and can only pour water over it and hope that some get a drink before it freezes again.

  3. Well done Trev, good set. Boy it's cold out there, those poor birds really need a drink.

  4. Same here Trev .... Ken managed to break the ice on our bird bath with an AXE!! .... Lovely shots of the birds and at least they keep energy levels up cos we feed them

  5. Well done on feeding the birds, nice to see you have such a variety, water is a big problem I guess that even if you put a container of boiling water out under a bowl of fresh it would not last long. Maybe long enough for some to get to it.

  6. Thanks all, yes the water will freeze in minutes, but if I keep going out there they don't hang around. I can but hope that they get a drink before it freezes.

  7. Yes Mike it is Cold and I would not want to be you working outside.


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