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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Not Much happening

Hi All
       Not been up to much and have been doing other things. I thought I would show my face and put up a few pictures. It is snowing here and is covering the ground a little bit but it is not much and wont last long.

I was running around yesterday and wished that I had the camera with me as some of the snow hasn't melted in the fields and looks a pretty sight.

Lots of Chaffinches and a good few Black Birds around but the light has been all wrong to take any picture.

Mike and I went to our club on Friday and when we had finished (1030 or so) there was a really sharp moon but it was nearly -5 out there. We both decided it was to cold to go out.

Here are some pictures from my stock, I hope that you enjoy them.

That's it, thanks for looking.


  1. love the first one Trev, its amazing !!
    Chris and Dave R

  2. I like looking at your stock pictures Trev ... yeah it's nice to go out and get new ones,but this time of year it's a bit chilly when you are getting on!!!! (naughty corner fer me now, lol) ...anyway your stock pictures are great and remind me of warmer times! xxxxx

  3. Thanks All,
    Mike and I knew that there would be times at this this time of the year that we would not get out. As Eileen says it is nice to look back on warmer time.


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