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Monday, 26 March 2012

Field trip

Hi All
      We first Happy Birthday to Eileen, Have a good day and get OTL to take you out and spend some of his hard cash on you, you deserve it.

I hope that things have picked up for Mike as he is a bit down over the weekend, cheer up Mike I'm buying lunch on Wednesday.

More good news, I am having my stitch  in my eye  out tomorrow and after the weekend that is going to be a relief.

This afternoon I loaded up the car and was going out to the RSPB site at Motney Hill only to find that the path was closed so that they (the farmer) could spry the field. What to do next! I drove back to the car park and grabbed everything. I walked out onto the river bank and set up the telescope. There were a lot of Gulls and one or two Red shanks. I also spotted some Oyster Catchers  but not much else. I then walk to Bloors Wharf and set up the camera. There were plenty of Gulls and close in Bent Geese. Now I have not seen any of these before so it was a first. There were also a few Shovelers out there but they were a long way out.

I started to walk back and came across a couple who had spent three hours at the site and had not seen much.

Gulls and Shovelers 

There you are that is it for today, thanks for looking


  1. Thanks so much for the birthday wishes.. I have had a super day and I am using my new "toy" for the comment here ! I hope Jimbo is ok and good news on your eye

  2. How is Jimbo, hope he has perked up? Keep taking those bird shots.

    1. Shouting his head off and running around like a headless chicken.

      He spent most of yesterday climbing and running up and down his cage. He was whacked last night.

  3. That's good sounds like he's getting back to how old self then.


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