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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Leeds Castle walk

Morning All,
       On the way back from Ashford the three of us stopped at Leeds Castle for a couple of hours. Great fun with nesting birds and fights going on. We both missed the fights as they were over too quickly to capture, pity.

Before I start the is on picture that I took on Monday evening around 7PM. It is the Moon and Venus close together.

Moon and Venus

Mike tried last night in my garden but for some reason did not get anywhere, don't know why.

Back to Leeds Castle, It was very warm and the sun was mostly in the wrong place, white blew out or colours over exposed.

There were a swans nesting and we saw one Coot sitting on a nest. One swan got off and we saw the egg that she was sitting on.

Flowers were out rhododendrons in flower nearly two months early.

A Male Tufted Duck

We almost walked up to him before he flew

Nesting Swan sitting on an egg
She got off and we saw the egg

Same Swan

Nest spring clean

For Daisy and Holly

Take off
Well that's it for today, loads in stock for later.
Thanks for looking


  1. Lovely post Trev... Super swan and the squirrel is gorgeous !
    Eileen xxxx

  2. Well done Trev, smashing Squirrel and Swans.

  3. Thanks both, still more to come later on, watch this space as they say.


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