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Friday, 30 March 2012

RCP Eastcourt Meadow

Hi All,
      What a beautiful afternoon yesterday, I parked the car at Sharps Green and walk into the meadow along the sea wall. There were a few people about all very friendly.

The tide their was coming in but had another two to three hours before high water.
There were lots of Gulls and Mallards about but not much else. As I walked out passed Copperfield Marsh there was a big flock of Brent Geese having a clean up on the incoming tide. I also saw a few Oyster Catchers and one of two Red Shanks.

 I came across  a Mallard with a chick. This was the only one as both Mike and I only saw nesting birds at Leeds.

In flight

We have lift off

Shadow of the Gull

On the turn

Where's it gone

Having a drink

Brent Geese

Up, up and away

Medway Fort
I think it is Dargets but not sure

Enjoying the river

And of course not river bank walk would be complete without....

That is it and it was a good hour or so.

Thanks for looking


  1. Hi Trev, sorry i've missed some posts....been quite ill with a tummy virus ! Some goods shots Trev......hope jimbo is in fine fettle !
    Chris and Dave R


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