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Sunday, 8 April 2012

What no Power Stations

Hello All,
           As I have been suffering with Hay Fever I have not been out but I still have some pictures left over from my last outing. I am hoping to get some new picture this week but the weather is not looking good for this week.

There are some deep channels close to the bank and as they fill up with the returning water the birds can't hide in them.

Mirror image

Looking for food

I see nothing

Not staying here


And up towards the 
Wharf and the deep water channel

Brent Geese


Messing about on the river

For some reason this reminds me of "Three Little Maids from School" the opera.

Birds with attitude 


More Teal
That was the end of my walk as I was now close to the car park.
It was a lovely hour out as it was nice and warm out of the wind.

An up date on Jimbo for those interested.
He is now eating his new food that the vet "gave me" and he has started to eat greens stuff that I hung in his cage. 

This morning I caught him biting his perch so he is also starting to investigate things. He his also chatting away to himself earlier in the day. He still can't fly but it is only time as I found one of his clipped feather in the cage the other day.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Great set Tre. Glad our Jimbo is ok.

  2. Nice pics Trev.......great to hear that Jimbo is ok !
    Chris and Dave R

  3. I am pleased you still post some pictures when you are not able to get and about Trev.. Mind you, no post since Sunday!!!I love your pictures Trev...always so interesting and colourful with super captions! Good news on the Jimbo front... any pictures of him ??

    Hope you are okay, love and hugs Eileen xxx

    1. Thank you Eileen I now know what poor Kendo felt like all those years ago.

      I have plenty to go up but I would like to go out and take a few new ones.

      I will try today it the light holds.


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