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Thursday, 30 August 2012

A horse is a horse

Hi all, short week or not it has been a busy one with one thing and another. I had to stay in again for a parcel that never arrived when it should have. Then I had to run round to find out what had happened to it, a wasted trip if nothing else. I got here in the end but I had wasted a day and a half.

Well rain or no rain I wanted to get out and that is what I did. A trip up the road is where a few horses are but there were only two this afternoon.

Not interested in me to busy feeding

and him too
as well as 

Maybe I should have called this feeding horses

No, not interested

At last
But moving on

Here come a foal

Here comes Mum

That is it thanks for looking


  1. You should have taken a few sugar lumps with you. Lovely horses and nice colours.

  2. Super horses... Trev. I love horses and these pictures are great..... How about a picture of Jimbo?
    Eileen xxx
    Ps did you get your parcel in the end?

  3. Yes I did Eileen but only after some running around. I now have a 20 mbs link .

    I can't photographed Jimbo as he is too quick in the air. But he is lovely


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