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Friday, 21 September 2012

Riverside Contry Park, Moorhens

Morning All,
         I managed to get out yesterday and went to Riverside. Now I don't often go to Riverside as it is full of people and that puts the birds well out. Yesterday it was quiet and not too many people there.

The wind was making the river a little ruffled but not too bad to stop some reflections.

 As I walk on to the bank it looked deserted but this Gull pointed the way

They went that away
So off I set the other way as I knew he was fooling me.

I headed for the wildlife pond (which will be close soon for the winter)

Sparrow on the walkway
Now I don't see many Sparrows

At the pond was a family of Moorhens

Baby looking for Mum

Number two looking for Mum

Mum hiding in the reeds
She would not come out and let them come to her

Have you notice how small the berries are this year?

Well that is it for today part two is on it's way.

Thanks for looking


  1. Great shots Trev, time seems to overtake going out.

  2. Lovely shots of the Moorhen Trev.... like the berries as well.. Our blackberries out here are bigger than yours! Love to you and Jimbo
    E xxxx

  3. Well thank you both.

    I will have some more in a day or two.

    You are right Mike not enough hours in the day now.


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