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Friday, 16 November 2012

Bad week

Hi All
  Well it has been a bad week with one thing and another. The weather has not helped and Hospital visits did not help. All this and a blood test at the wrong time. Then a hearing test. This did not leave much time to get out.

 A visit to Mikes looked hopeful but ran into problems. Also I was sorting out thing for my club and have got involved with the BBC Star Gazing Live program in January.

No time for Trevor to take pictures but I can show you some from other visits.

Gull with attitude

Bad tempered

I'm Cold

Little Egret


That it I will try to get out this weekend but it is Busy, busy

Thanks for looking


  1. As Ekim said in my blog, lets make it into a song. "Busy doing nothing working the whole day through trying to find lots of things not to do". LOL
    Great shots Trev.

  2. I wish Mike as I could have got out.

    Hows the new Box?

  3. Huh! yes Trev ... hospitals are no fun... These pictures are brill tho!

    Carry on Trev ....things can only get better!
    Eileen xx

  4. Why has Mike bought a BOX????

  5. I think he sleeps in it Eileen... lol

    No, it was a DVD player

    The hospital was only for a ECG as I have a very slow heart. At rest it goes down to 30 to 37 beats. It turns out that my eye drops are beater blockers. I have only been taking them for 20 years. The cardiac guy said carry on... Good wot

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