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Saturday, 15 December 2012


 Before I start, Eileen, I am not sure how long it has been going on but I have been sending your Christmas card to number 27. I think that a few years ago we had a club member that lived in your road and your addresses go swapped. Card on the way.

I have been ask about Jimbo as he has not been in attendance for a while.

Well Jimbo is ok and I can now play with him. He is still not very chatty but squawks when out of the cage. It is hard to take a picture as it need two people to get him as he is so quick.

Sitting on his cage
   He has only just started to do this as he likes to look out of the window.

Looking out the window
He has grown quit a bit since you last saw him and they are big changes.

The next Blog will be Mike and I at Rye.

Merry Christmas just in case I don't see you again. Thanks for looking


  1. Glad to see Jimbo again, looking forward to you Rye pics.

  2. It's okay Trev .. I have your '27' card lol ... must be the only Godwins in my road! .. I was very worried about Jimbo.... so DELIGHTED to see the wonderful pictures of him .... Thanks Trev xxxx
    Happy Christmas ...and a card with 'two doggies' on the front is on it's way to you !!! :) x

  3. Oh dear I sent another card, so, double Happy Christmas LOL

    Yes Jimbo is ok I have been playing with him.


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