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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Busy weekend

Last weekend was the Rainham Radio Rally and this is my busiest weekend of the year as I organise it. Setting up the hall on Saturday evening and then getting the traders sorted early Sunday morning.

This year was worse because the school had changed the parking plus we didn't have enough bodies to cover the new parking lay-out. Inside was a different story any more and we would have got into each others way but just enough helpers.

All  that aside it worked out with only a few complaints.

Part of the hall set up before opening

Member talking to interested parties

Filling up just after we opened

Full house

Eileen, you must remember David

All gone, just before we cleared up

A good time with over 300 through the door.

Lots of friend came along mostly people I only see once a year now.

Sadly this is my last year running it as I now hand it over to new blood after six year.

I was hoping to take the camera out but it is rain now!

Have fun and thanks for looking.


  1. Good one Trev, looks like a successful rally and quire a few through the door.
    The camera worked well and I recognized quite a few bodies, Dave and Paul and of course, the club members.
    Hope you have a volunteer for the next one, good blog and well documented.

  2. If you had asked me on Saturday I would have said not to expect too much. In the end most of the traders did well because some of the bigger ones were missing.

    As for next year I have said I to just advise whoever take over, Do you want the Job..Hi

    At least I have proved the camera is on after its fall

  3. I enjoyed seeing the pictures and reading about the Rally Trev... I suppose you mean David NMF? ... Good to see everyone.
    Good work from you on the Rally organising Trev... have a rest from the hassle now!
    E xx

  4. *** The name you want is David Hesketh ***


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