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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Capstone Farm park

Yesterday I managed to get out, the day was overcast and the light was bad.

 I drove to Capstone Farm Country Park, it is sheltered from any wind but it was still on the cold side. As I said the light was bad and the camera had to be adjusted with the ISO going to 1600,not good as this makes the picture noisy.

 I started to walk round the lake and only saw a few bird but the normal Black Headed Gulls were sitting on the rail. I think these were one of the worse pictures that I have ever taken.

Not good 


As I moved round the lake it light changed for the better but it was only my angle that changed it.

Mallard and a better picture

Then I spotted what I had come for!!!!!!

The Grey Heron

Why do these bird always look like the are cold?

Moving round the light improved even more

Possibly the best picture of the day, "ol" sleepy head!

A Moorhen acting like a Coot at 90 MPH, someone should tell him he is not a Coot!

White fronted Mallard

I love this picture and think it is the best. The light is right and the reflection look great.

Then I looked again at the Heron

Spring clean

What you looking at

There were others but not good enough to put them on here. I will try processing them again to see if I can get something out.

Thanks for looking


  1. Thanks for sharing these pictures Trev ... They really improved as the light got better ... that reflection shot of the female Mallard is super! .. Love the heron shots as well. e xxx

  2. Hi Trev, well done with these shots, we are all suffering with the light even Kendo.
    You did great, don't get downhearted the weather has got to change soon. Glad you got the Heron, he seems to shy away from you.
    As Eileen says, thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks both, I don't think we are going to have a spring but go into Summer. It is a bad forecast up to Easter and into April. Bad news!


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