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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A run round Boxley Village in the sun shine

Hi All
      Well yesterday was really a nice sunny day but the north east wind was still strong. This time I decided to head south and get some shelter from the wind.

I drove to just outside Boxley village and onto Pilgrims way, not far along the road is a riding school which means horses. Sure enough there in a field opposite where these horses begging to have their picture taken.  Well I could not resist and pulled over in the lay-bye opposite. Here are the results

Horses waiting for their picture to be taken

Opposite was a nice landscape which kept me clicking away, as you can see it was worth while

I then set off again only to stop at another lay-bye, this time it was the trees which wanted their picture taken, well I could not say no, could I.

In the distance is Boxley village

Moving down Pilgrims Way I found some trees to shelter under and set up the camera for these shots

Two horses in the valley

Oak tree

Nice view

Having taken quite a few shots I set off again and ended up in Grange Lane Boarley just off of the Boxley road.

Ye old oak tree

 More landscapes but one hill is the same as the next. I climbed back into the car and ended up at the top of Blue Bell Hill. This is well I realised just how good the 50mm lens is. You can compare it to my 105mm telephoto.

It was a nice run out of the wind and in the sun shine.  


  1. Keep that old mirror box clacking, well done Trev.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful pictures Trev..... 'ere ....have you seen Ernie on your travels ? That lot overseas have LOST him! Outrageous!! xxxx

  3. No I haven't Eileen, I have been searching far and wide. Poor Ernie I bet he hasn't a clue where he is let a lone how to get home. I really feel sorry for him

    I was pleased with the two horses in the valley Mike.

  4. New Ern coming on our return. Having a look for a new bear for a mate for Ern on our travels.


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