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Friday, 2 September 2011

Horrid Hill

Hi All Followers of this page. As you can see I have refreshed the set up, I hope that you like it. There is also a new link on the right hand side of the page, please check it out.

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Horrid Hill

Horrid Hill is part of the Riverside Country Park, it is a piece of land that juts out from the main riverbank.

Horrid Hill

 Horrid Hill from the main shore looking towards Nor Marsh

Most of the land on each side is flooded at high water but you can still walk out to the point where there is a viewing point. and a board that tell what birds you can see from there.

Looks better in really life
There are lots of Gull and if you are wondering what has happened to all of the birds, well they are here. I saw one of the biggest flock of Starling at the point. There must have been over a hundred birds

Flock of Starlings
Some of them are even in focus.

They were sitting in the trees or standing on the seaweed.

There were dozens around this bird.

While at the point I spotted a Little Egret, he was a fare way off but it was worth a shot.

Little Egret 
The Little Egret was with a few Oyster Catchers but he then flew off.

Little Egret in flight
What a graceful looking bird in flight

He was the only one as the rest were Gulls. but when gliding they to look as if they could stay up forever.

Here is a selection, I hope you like them

In flight
The Glider

Just landing
Not sure what he is up to
Well that is it for now but it was a good couple of hours, I managed to get a way before it got really busy. The car park was by now filling up.

Sunset was a wonderful sight tonight. There were taken about 8:00pm

With the moon

Red Sunset
That's it.



  1. Well done Trev, very good, I even think your pictures are getting greater. You found a goodly number of subjects, that's where they were!

  2. Well done Trev, smashing sunset and birds,and the Starling with berries.

  3. A wonderful array of shots this evening Trev...a real treat !!!
    Chris R

  4. P.s.Sorry Trev forgot to say,The blog is looking real good !!!
    Chris R

  5. Oh wow ... love the blog Trev, and all the pictures are smashing .... Must say the Starling wiv the berries is outstanding! I also love the sunsets ......great work my man xxxx :)

  6. Thanks all,
    This one was a lot of work but it was worth it in the end.

    Next week there won't be as many people there and I may go back and see if that Little Egret come nearer the shore. I would love a close up of it.
    Have a good weekend.


  7. 'ere.... is this the place where we once set up a Radio Station??

  8. No Eileen it is the pointed bit of land that goes out from Riverside Country Park.

    You maybe thinking of Cliffe Marshes


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